Action | 111 Min.

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A merciless assassin sets his sights on single-handedly destroying a women trafficking and organ trade syndicate, known as “Dark Moon,” led by the Notorious Billionaire Don Maslov. In his quest, he stumbles upon Farida Nala, a childhood lover he thought died in the massacre of his village, Buanu’ Tara. He uncovers a lot of ugly truths and learns that there is more to his story. It is at this point he realizes his ultimate downfall is unavoidable. With nothing to lose and the help of a secret government organization African Sector 6 (A.S.6), he is hell-bent on finally shaking his enemies to the core.


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Rogue Taze: Dark Moon Official Trailer #1 - (Michael 'Micl Snr' Norman)


MiclnGrace Studios is an award-winning production company based both in Los Angeles, California and Johannesburg, South Africa. 
MiclnGrace Studios is headed by Michael ‘Micl Snr’ Norman (International Filmmaker & Director, Writer, Actor, and Singer),
and Grace Norman (International Producer, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur)